Julia Rehme

Abstract, Painting Julia Rehme is a Berlin based artist with a background in design and fashion and a strong connection to abstract painting. Her style is shaped by the interaction of expressive and floating elements contrasting with graphic and static forms. Recently her work is becoming more minimalistic and abstract.

Martin Jahn

Blackwork, Graphic Martin Jahn does not describe himself as a tattooer, and also not really as an artist. His main idea is to create something unique and timeless and he loves to translate that onto the skin, regardless of the existance of a meaning or intepretation.
He does only blackwork due to it's strength, even if the result turns out to be simple.

Paulina Kemnitz

Sketch, Lineart, Illustrative -coming in december 2018- text coming soon...

Lina Tattoo Art

Splatter, Abstract Lina is an artist from Croatia based in Berlin, with a background in graphic design, painting and fine arts. Her specialties are tattooing, painting, illustration, traditional graphics and video art. She uses the spontaneity of a brush in her tattoos, the same way she does in painting, but further explores the application to the flow of the body.

Biel Carpenter

Blackwork, Graphic Coming from an artistic background, Biel graduated in printmaking and has since developed an unmistakable style in the domains of painting and illustration. He's had numerous exhibitions and contributions to magazines. His tattoos stem from the same aesthetic language, both poetic in their simplicity and powerful in their level of accuracy.

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