Adrian Desgracia

December 4th – 8th 2017


28th Aug. – 1st Sept. 2017

Paulina Kimlitz

June 5th to 7th

Jen Von Klitzing

May 22nd to 26th

Magdalena Bujak

May 15th to 19th


March 27th, 28th and 29th

Anna Ustrehova

FEBRUARY 20th to 24th

Jessica Foakes

October 9th – 13th 2017

Roman Melnikov

August 17th – 26th 2017

Yanina Viland

July 10th – 18th 2017

Marianos Tattoo

June 12th to 16th

La Malafede Tattoo

June 26th to 30th

Kilip (Ugly Ink)

May 29th to 1st June

John Monteiro

25th Sept. – 6th Oct. 2017

NORAISON (Clementine)

September 18th – 22nd 2017

Gülşah Karaca

March 20th to 24th

Attidude Fabi

FEBRUARY 13th to 17th

Tania Vaiana

June 26th to 30th

Aga Yadou

March 13th to 17th